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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our New Power Word: Enough!

Women are owning back their Spirituality

(thank you Asaram Bapu for stirring me drink an extra teapot of lemon tea and write this in response to your advice to Shaktirupini)

A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.

~Maya Angelou

Thank you Asaram and Baba Ramdev (who also had insisted on the 'mistake' of women)  for tolling the bell on the end of the godmen era. You have nothing to offer us anymore. You  speak at length on the '1% mistake' of the girl, and half a sentence on the  99% mistake of the rapists. You have no advice for the gang rapists, you do not even extoll men to have better moral standards. You have demeaning advice just for women - to fall at the feet of depraved men, to beg the rapists, to call them brothers, to surrender, to do mantra chanting, or face dire consequences of rape. You and your genre probably want to give the message that it’s a mistake to be born a woman, and one has to chant to save oneself from its consequences. Are you saying that women can be saved from hell by falling at the feet of demons? Are you implying (which you are) that women will be raped if they do not follow your teachings and chant your mantras?  That women are raped because they are unspiritual? How much more repression do you have to offer us dear god?men?
In response, we're saying 'Enough'. Its our power word.

Perhaps you need to be educated on the spiritual heritage of women. Perhaps you need to be reminded that woman is Shakti. That in one moment of awakening, she can be Blazing Truth. She is Durga, she is Kali, she is Lakshmi, she is Saraswati. She is Isis, Mary, Quan Yin. They are not inert statues in alters. The Divine Feminine expresses herself through living body temples. Through real Women.

Asaram, what advice would you give our Shaktirupini if she stood in front of you as Durga? Would you ask her to fall at the feet of Mahishasur? You probably would. What kind of mentality can bring forth such cowardly teachings? You also said that laws to protect women are used by women to harass men and their families. You speak of women upliftment in your ashram and ‘bajaroo aurat’ in the same sentence. Dear Asaram, there are no ‘bajaroo’ women in this world. There are only daughters of the Great Mother. Womenhood is not something to escape from, something less than manhood.

Can you see how Kali has pulled the silk rug from under your feet?

Dear godmen, fortunately for them, women are being taken care of by the Great Mother. She is teaching the women to take back their spiritual power. They will now listen to spiritual truths that come from within their own hearts, souls and wombs. They will no longer refer to dusty books for divine wisdom. Women all over the planet are discovering their body temple. It holds secrets so immense, that once accessed, returns the woman to her original form of divinity.

The new authentic woman is fearless, shame-less, daring, adventurous, and radiates heart energy. She has the audacity to dream a new earth, and the courage to create it. If she looks for a teacher it will be one who will remind her of her immensity, her beauty, her power. She looks for a spiritual leader who is deeply compassionate to her reality. One who is not spewing advice, but is holding with compassion. A teacher who will ask her to take her Fierce Form to face violence, the Gentle Mother to hold the child, the Divine Healer to care for the hurting, the wounded, the Wise Mystic to create new dreams, and the Queen to represent authority and leadership.

We love a woman who says ‘I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass’ ~ Maya Angelou ~

We are seeing our choices, and we are taking them. We’ve shifted out of a paradigm of right and wrong choices, because we follow our unerring heart. Our spirituality can be found in simple everyday activities. We are bringing god into everything we do. Simply put, we have decided to be our own mistress. We are loving ourselves the way we are. We really do not have patience with a patriarch telling us one more time that we are doing it wrong. 

We are able to say: “If Jesus himself, or Mohammed, or Buddha spoke to me personally and said that women are inferior to men, I would still reject that as false dogma because I know with every ounce of my being that this is not true.” 
― Alice Bag

Watch out as we change the world. With compassion and together with men, for the highest good of all.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Dance of Kali

jai Ma Kali!
This poet sighs deeply,
“Where is this brilliant lady,
this black light beyond luminosity?
Though I have never seen her,
simply hearing her name,
the mind becomes absorbed completely in her astonishing reality.
Om Kali! Om Kali! Om Kali!
- Ramprasad Sen

Welcome to the Era of the Divine Feminine. Do you see Ma Kali dancing in our midst?  Like her consort Shiva, she too sports in the end times. Yes, this is Kali’s time. We are in good hands!  If you are willing to dive below the superficial, you will meet her face to face.  Kali ~ the fierce one and the compassionate one.  She comes to set right the balance when disconnection with Truth dangerously tilts it. Her work is marked by  swiftness. She brings change at a speed we are unprepared for. She pulls the rug. She yanks off the blanket of comfort. She strips us naked. Thus she brings us back to Dharma.

She is Dark Luminosity

Her blackness denotes her comprehensive nature. Everything merges in her blackness. Her nudity is compelling, as she is illumined by consciousness.  How can one who is clothed in the bright fire of truth have anything to do with ‘clothes’? In her absolute, primordial nakedness she is free from all covering of illusion. She is Nature stripped of 'clothes'. Her nudity is pure, unalloyed consciousness, untainted by maya.  She is completely beyond name and form. She cares not with what name you call her.

She has no patience with ego games. She gives time for good sense, and when one still doesn’t act from truth, she chops off one’s ego. She easily looks through every cunning, crafty, scheming tactic a human mind can conjure. It makes her lift her head and laugh. Her laughter strikes terror in the hearts of her adversaries.  She does not give her adversary (illusion) time to adjust.  Her compassion wants you to be free of egoistical attachments right now. With one stroke, she silences the roar of mental conflict, debates of ideologies, and all the endless mental chatter of ignorance, so that one may experience the pure bliss of silence and absorption in inner peace. Her garland of skulls denotes the impure thoughts that she has removed from the personalities of her devotees.

Harbinger of Divine Order

Can you see how she is working now, exposing all that is rotting in our system? Her divine work is to bring us out of this contaminated space.  We are reeking with patriarchy energy. She cleanses with her presence. In the glare of her truth, there is no place to hide. She is Chamundi, the slayer of Chanda and Munda ~ anger and passion. When she opens her mouth wide, their entire armies and weapons enter into it, and she chews it all.

The universe and all us celebrate her arrival, because she re-establishes Divine Order. Her wild hair symbolise space time, from which she pulls out divine chaos. This is how the divine feminine energy works. The old order dies with the last contraction of mother earth and the new chaos is birthed. Chaos is nothing but the next level of divine order that does not yet make ‘sense’. Every new order is preceeded by chaos. Kali brings forth the New Way, the superior truths, and deeper wisdom. Thus she creates a new balance that soon will become the New Order.

She Drinks the blood of Demons

Do you wonder about her tongue sticking out? Well, that is to pick up every drop of blood of the demon Raktabeej. This demon, by the dint of his penance, was awarded a boon that every drop of his blood that fell on earth would create another Raktabeej. Rakta means blood, and beej means seed. Raktabeej actually means the seed of desire. All the attempts of the gods in heaven to kill him resulted in creating bloodshed and more Raktabeejs’, each as potent as the original. Can we not see the army of Raktabeej raping, murdering, and brutalizing our women, destroying our mother earth? In the patriarchy, the demon lived in each of us. The gods (read politicians) were helpless, as demons popped up everywhere, impossible to control. In great alarm, they prayed to the Divine Mother for help. 

 'Oh Compassionate Kali, stick out your tongue and drink up all the desires of existence. Only your mouth has sufficient capacity to consume all desire! And when you will have digested all desire, then the Gods will be free from desire.'
This is why She shows Her very lovely, red, protruding tongue -- in order to make all existence free from desire.

I do not know if our politician ‘gods’ will make such a prayer.  They probably think they are still in control. I do imagine her dancing on top of Parliament House though! Millions of awakened daughters and sons of Mother India, and Mother Earth, are making the prayer to restore Dharma. Kali’s lovely, red, tongue frees us from the seeds of desire. She graces us with liberation.

She teaches now for each one of us to come into our deepest integrity and highest truth. Are you ready to die to the old? When one can accept death as a part of transformation, Kali sets them free of the Cycle. Then one can join her in the dance of perpetual becoming.

In any case, expect her now!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

India's Daughters ~ Living Goddesses

India’s Daughters ~ Living Goddesses

(a homage to Shaktirupini, who passed away today after battling for her life for 14 days, after a gruesome rape)

'The nature of all women is perfect wisdom' Machig Labdron - Enlightened Buddhist Master & Yogini 

We hang our head in shame for losing daughters to rape. Rape, a heinous demon who devours women, but keeps them alive, shackled in shame. Rape is a scheming, devious demon that converts the victim into a culprit. A raped woman brings the biggest shame possible to her family. She has become defiled & impure, who brings dishonour. Her family members hang their head in shame to have such a burden. A family that has a rapist son does not go through similar trauma. ‘Boys will be boys’, say the patriarchs. And their advise to women is to observe more restrictions in their dress and movements.

A woman who overcomes shame is invincible.

Women finally call the bluff. Sorry men, we refuse to be the keepers of your shame. Is it not the biggest paradox that women victimised by rape have been the ones who ‘loose’ the honour of  the family, the clan, the village.  By being raped, how is it we are the ones who bring shame on everyone. How come rape means our lives are over? Why does rape mean being  tainted for life, never outliving the stigma? Its just a heinous crime, and we women are going to talk about it. We are going to name our rapists. We no longer buy the shame theory and keep silent.

Making women the custodian of shame has been the single most powerful weapon to keep us subjugated. From the time we are born, we are taught to sit properly, talk properly, dress properly, behave properly so as not to attract ‘unwanted’ male attention. After all, boys will be boys, men will be men. If they grab, grope, molest, rape, it is because we invited it. Immorality is in our blood it seems. We must be kept veiled, covered, muted, scarved, invisible, so that society functions properly.

The End of Patriarchy

Our braveheart Shaktirupini turned the tables completely on this lopsided realtiy. We now throw off the blanket of shame. We are ok if you call us loose, characterless, sluts, shameless. These are your words, and they have lost power over us.  A woman who overcomes shame is invincible. You really cannot touch us or make us shrink anymore. We are impervious to barbs.

Why do you think the women identify so deeply with Shaktirupini? Why did they take her to their hearts so intensely? So many of my friends have cried so passionately for her. Perhaps it is because she was made of the fragments of all our souls. Perhaps she was a representation of our collective pain, anger and shame. That is why she had to die. She took it all with her. She santified us. She cleansed our burning shame, our faceless rage, our frozen pain. And she did it in a way that made the entire nation stand up and take notice.

Delhi erupted. The whole nation woke up. It was a spontaneous outburst of grief, shock and outrage. Young and old just took to protest and gathered in numbers so huge outside parliament that it was scary for the government. The power bastion was shaken to the core at the determination of the people. They did not have a leader, but they had a huge sacred sankalpa. To cleanse their country of rape. People who till now were mere vote banks became  enemies.  The government used its machinery to battle these unarmed people. This new army of the brave new world withstood water cannons and rubber bullets, lathi charge and violence by police, in the bitter Delhi cold. My heart went out to the citizens of our country who  still stood, drenched in the cold winter day, fuelled by a sacred fire. Obviously they were connected to a higher calling that provided immense strength.

Sadly, the Chief Minister of Delhi fought with the police commissioner for power, the Lt. Governor of Delhi shamelessly holidayed in the US till he was summoned, the Home Minister tried hard to look concerned, and the Prime Minister after 8 days of unexplained silence, asked the nation to remain calm.

The patriarchs were taken by surprise. The media played and replayed the reactions of the powers that be. Their fumbling, their reluctant and coerced rejoinders to the very hard questions the women were asking really pulled the veil off their callousness. They could not touch our hearts. Their efforts were forced by an outraged nation. They had no choice but to save face. Suddenly, they could not pull the right levers. Their righteousness, their holier than thou attitude and clever vocabulary with which they had pulled off endless attacks did not work. Because this was a crime where they could not shout, make venomous attacks on opposition. They were at a loss for the right words, because it did not exist in their vocabulary. These people do not know the language of respect, equality and dignity where women are concerned.  Their world did not take women seriously.

The Rules of the Game have changed forever

The rules of the game were changed overnight by Shaktirupini. She brought the entire nation down on its knees in shame. She came to shake us to the very core. In women she ripped open the doors of pain and rage we had shut tight as we did not know how to deal with it. The door was of powerlessness. In no time, women were ready to fight, to stand for their rights, to speak fearlessly, to ask for and take what is justly theirs. She really opened the doors wide for us and we said in a single voice ‘Enough’.

In men, she ripped out the hypocritical veil that hides a rapist, a voyuer, an oppressor, a molester, a mute witness and  a colluder. All the wisdom of the President, Prime Minister, and the entire entourage of ministers was inadequate to address this issue.  She single handedly exposed the  total lack of sensitivity of our leaders and police force. Our world had become deaf, mute, blind to the atrocities against women. Patriarchy stood exposed in all its ugliness. And with it the deeply pervasive nature of rape, the biggest symbol of patriarchy. This energy really has no place to hide now. It is being whipped every day. It is time for it to GO.

Women are rising the world over as powerful, divine beings. It is her time now. She is no longer ready to live the victim. She asks the men to clear the rapist within. We are Shakti. We are the compassionate mother, and if need be, we wear the skulls of demons that we kill in our neck. But we are truly tired of the war with men. We call for the laying of arms and the beginning of a holy partnership.
Is it a coincidence that the planet shifted out of patriarchy into a new cycle of the Divine Feminine on 21st December 2012? Every woman is claiming her Shakti form.  She is invoking her 10 arms and her sacred weapons now. She is fully capable of taking care of herself, AND her planet. The goddess in these times is not now found in temples, but in homes, offices and travelling in public transport. Get used to the living goddess. She is ready to teach the world a better way to live.  And the conscious men are walking with her in this journey, are fully embracing their Shiva form. Together, we will make a new world. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The I Ching or Book of Changes

The I Ching or Book of Changes
A Practitioner’s views

(Article publised in October 2011 issue of Life Positive)

‘The I Ching teaches a different way of acquiring and using power, one that leads to true greatness and enduring influence’.
I Ching, Hexagram 34

Possessing the I Ching book is having the Sage as a companion. This amazing book says that in comparison to the Sage (or god, universe, creator, higher power or what you will), we are babes in the woods. As a child, we were not ashamed to seek guidance from our parents and teachers, who were our gods.  By seeking out the counsel of the I Ching, we gain the perspective of the Creator.
The I Ching speaks the simplest of truths, and thus the wisest. It explains that no community can survive without a dependable source of pure water. Similarly, humans cannot survive without a reliable source of spiritual nourishment. Each of us needs two wells: an external source of guidance, such as the I Ching, and an internal source of guidance, which is our own good character.  The I Ching has survived countless civilisations through thousands of years for a simple reason: it is an inexhaustible source of spiritual nourishment.  It gives us the building blocks to a successful life.

The I-Ching is based on simple energetic principles, and the dynamics between Yin and Yang. When fully understood, these dynamics reveal everything about our experiences in time, how they change, and what they mean.
However, the I Ching requires a few things of us first:

·       That we suspend our mistrust of the Unknown and allow the Sage to lead us. If you think the I Ching is just a book, it will be just that.
·       That we quiet the clamour of our ego for comprehensive answers to our questions for life. The I Ching teaches us not how to get from A to Z but how to get from A to B, B to C, and then from C to D. The Sage travels step by step, dealing only with what is immediately at hand. By doing the same we fall in step with the Creative power of the Universe.
·       That we unstructure our attitude. When we are unstructured and open, we allow the Sage to guide us safely and joyfully through life.

While the I Ching serves as the external well of nourishment, it is invaluable aid in developing and cleansing the internal well of our good character. When approached with a sincere heart, it will reveal the fundamental issues of one’s life, and instil the values necessary to successfully negotiate those issues.

 The I Ching has been my guide, mentor, friend for the last sixteen years. I bought the I Ching book from a bookstore in Hyderabad in July 1995 little knowing what it was. The jacket simply said it was the book of Changes and a Guide to Life’s Turning Points. Something compelled me to buy the book. I honestly thought it was a self help book.

When I came back to Kolkata and opened it, it was quite something else. It was an oracle! And even then, I did not know how much this book would be a blessing. There are no accidents in life. The book chose me as much as I chose it. And from there began a new journey into a better, balanced life. With my countless consulting, sometimes more than one in a day, I have gradually internalised its energy. I consult it for a specific issue or a general advice. Sometimes, when it is not possible to consult the book when I need its urgent advice, I instinctively know what it would say. However, consulting the book has no substitute.

To me, the I Ching is the voice of god speaking to me directly, pure love and no agenda or interference with free will. By consulting the I Ching, I cut through all the grossness of duality, sever the grip of the mind and enter straight into a clear space to receive true guidance. I seem to reach an illumined space of beautiful white light. The oracle is extremely scientific, just as it is most practical, and also the highest spiritual. It is a living, loving teacher who is available for consulting 24/7.

Just a week ago, I consulted the I Ching for guidance if a specific date would be appropriate to launch a new project. I wanted to plan accordingly. The Sage gave a gentle rap on the knuckles, when I drew the ‘youthful folly’ hexagram (mountain over water) that advised me to quiet the demands of the ego to plan and strategise, concentrate only on the moment, and do what it asks of me. Only in such an open attitude, will the Sage be able to guide me safely and joyfully. I was quickly back to an attitude of humility and surrender!

I revere it as a holy scripture that guides me into truth and integrity in the shortest possible time. Students and adherents of I Ching reach their destination much faster by following the advice of the book. There is not an extra word or energy here. It contains impeccable and highest wisdom in condensed form. Living in close partnership of the I Ching keeps one continuously into the path and in balance. A true abiding with it leads to progressively more beautiful hexagrams and openings for the spirit to flourish. The I Ching is a dispassionate teacher – it demonstrates both rewards and punishments for the consequences of our actions. It can never be manipulated by ego games.

The most beautiful aspect of the book is its interactive nature. It partners and journeys with me at all times. It always meets me halfway, silently, with respect and honour. It picks me up when I fall and get hurt, gently shows me how to heal and get back. It insists I take responsibility for all my actions, internally and externally. I always got into trouble when my ego asked me to disregard the advice of the Sage, thereby causing disturbance and even disruption in my spiritual progress. At such times, the advice of the Sage is stern and asks for disconnection with my inferior self.

I very well remember a time, almost 15 years ago, when a friend of mine told me of a fabulous past life regression programme he had attended. I desperately wanted to attend too, but the next one was in Hawai. In my ego’s impulsive pushing, I wanted to go to Hawai, though I did not have the money even for a train ride to Delhi. I consulted the I Ching with my desperate agenda that it should give me the go ahead. The Sage asked me to refrain from any action, as inferior influences were in the forefront. I refused to listen, continued to make crazy plans, and tried to influence the I Ching to support. In the next consulting, its advice was a more dire warning and I attracted the ‘Darkening of the Light’ (earth over fire)hexagram. The advice was to immediately correct my attitude, as action from desperation will extinguish my own inner light, and block the aid of the Creative. It took all my moral muscle to give up and abide by the Sage advice. By meticulous adherence to the Sage’s advice, I soon came out of the darkness & disbalance.

At work, many times my headstrong nature would want me to push and fight, argue and control. I remember the day I was all ready to go and fight with a senior management boss, armed with my arguments. I thought a quick look at the I Ching would help me in my mission. Oh no! I attracted the hexagram ‘Obstruction’ (water over mountain) that said that as much as I want to blame another, in all likelihood the true obstruction was in my own thinking. The sage asked me to retreat into self-examination and self-correction. Of course I gave up the ‘I’m right’ campaign, and saved myself from a serious mistake. That very boss called me the next day and gave me a plum project right after my heart.
The advice is always practical and workable. I have found that reaching a good place of balance and harmony with the Sage takes hard work, commitment and time, and can be lost in a moment of ego’s enticement for self aggrandisement. The advice of the I Ching is simple – the more aligned you are with higher principles, the more influence you wield. We hold all kinds of motivations at all times, some lower ego impelled, some higher and spiritual. The Sage simply encourages us to make the higher choice at all times.

The I-Ching is based on simple energetic principles, and the dynamics between Yin and Yang. When fully understood, these dynamics reveal everything about our experiences in time, how they change, and what they mean.

When you toss the coins, you form a matrix that translates into a hexagram. You are asked to toss the coins six times, which gives the formation of the six sheaths from the grossest to the subtlest as every aspect of one’s energy is checked. I see Goddess Tara as the overseeing energy of the I Ching.

So the I Ching is an oracle, a book of signs. It may take a lifetime to learn to recognise the signs and the combinations. Very few people have got an insight into the combinations. For me, it is enough to have three coins, a pencil and a paper to work with it. The I Ching works with eight elements of nature, which form a trigram depending on how you toss the coins. A trigram is a formation of three lines, either straight or broken.  Two trigrams combine to form a hexagram. So every time you toss the coins, you would get either an even or odd number. An even number gives a broken line, and an odd number gives an unbroken line. The pattern of these lines decides your hexagram. One now goes to the book and reads the hexagram number that one has  drawn.
The trigrams you draw show the working of your mind at the particular time.

Drawing the trigram water means there is emotional turmoil.
Drawing the trigram wind denotes there is power which needs to be channelled or it will be frittered away,
Drawing the trigram fire denotes a passion that needs to be contained and regulated,
Drawing the trigram mountain donates solace and solitude that needs to be anchored,
Drawing the trigram thunder denotes action that needs to be delinked from ego,
Drawing the trigram lake denotes placidity that needs to be delinked from lethargy,
Drawing the trigram earth denotes surrender that needs to be delinked from resignation,
Drawing the trigram heaven denotes divinity that needs to be anchored in humility.

How does the combination of the trigrams work, in order for the hexagram to give the amazingly accurate advice in the moment?

It’s a deep science. The two trigrams are placed one on top of the other. What comes in the bottom is where you are now, and what comes in the top is your tendency or predisposition.  So at any particular moment you are locked in a particular matrix. The matrix opens out into a reading of where you are and what is the correction required. The I Ching does not prescribe a perfect way of being. It has no specific recommendation. It simply brings you back to balance. A practitioner would notice that each hexagram contains the deep grounding message of the I Ching. You can touch the deep Taoist philosophy in every hexagram. It is implied rather than stated. So if one tries to draw absolute ideas from the I Ching, one would brilliantly miss the point. It is like the forever changing dance of Shiva.

There are 64 combinations of the 8 elements, hence 64 hexagrams. There are in all 64 ways of being in the 3rd Dimension. Everybody in 3D is locked into these 64 ways of being. So the I Ching is a complete advice for us at all times.
I bless the day I found the Sage through the I Ching. The times I have blundered are the ones when I did not walk with the Sage. The Sage teaches in an almost imperceptible way. That is how light it is. I did not even notice that I was deep in lesson from spirit for quite some time. I bow to its wisdom.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

EMF Balancing Technique

Elegent Empowerment Through the Electro-Magnetic Field Balancing Technique
(This article was published in the October 2012 issue of Life Positive)

The Electro Magnetic Balancing Technique, popularly known as EMF is a most elegant empowerment of a human being. This is the time of unprecedented human evolution. Our energetic anatomy has evolved much beyond the basic 7 chakra system to take in the increasing light quotient. We are carrying more energy than ever before. The electro magnetic field of the earth is transforming and the human electro magnetic system is also aligning with it. After all, we are electro-magnetic in nature. The EMF Balancing Technique is a loving and evolutionary way of rewiring our energetic system.
We are a part of the Cosmic Lattice (Universal Energy Source) simply by virtue of our existence. Our individual energy field or UCL ( Universal Calibration Lattice)  is our personal connection to the Cosmic Lattice.
We can always strengthen our connection to the Cosmic Lattice by energy work and/or intent, in much the same way we strengthen the muscles of our physical body with regular exercise.The energetic fibres of our individual energy field (UCL) are composed of conscious elements of light. They respond to our intention.

The EMF Balancing Technique is an amazing light technology intuited & developed  by Peggy Phoenix Dubro. She also channelled the information from Ahnya, a female form of light & energy.  From her earliest years, Peggy Phoenix Dubro had a deep desire to "remember God". As a young woman she had a profound series of experiences resulting in the spontaneous opening of all her chakras. This opening produced an awareness of unconditional love, and the realization of the connectedness of all things in the universe.
Her desire to know even more, and to live daily life in the consciousness of this state, led to a fifteen-year journey that resulted in another profound opening, this time an inimitable experience giving rise to the discovery of the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL). At first, Peggy's focus was on her own personal spiritual evolution. In working directly with the electromagnetic nature of the UCL, she realized the possibility existed to develop a way of assisting others in their evolutionary The technique is now practiced and taught in 70 countries around the world, where people in diverse cultures and religions resonate with the original intent of the EMF work - to know and live ones life as fully as possible in an awareness of the energy of love, the connectedness of all things, and the unique and sacred nature of each human.

"The EMF Balancing Technique® is a new energy system designed to accelerate the integration of Spirit and Biology, so that you can increase your health and co-create the healing miracles you need. The trainings are an initiation into a new awareness of your own electromagnetic nature. You receive information about your energy anatomy that will permanently establish a powerful connection to the Cosmic Lattice (Universal Energy Source), and you will be able to use this new energy immediately." --LEE CARROLL channel/author of Kryon

The movements are graceful and simple to perform. The person receiving the session may give intent for almost anything – from healing to Self-knowledge to simple stress reduction to the reconnection of their DNA. As the session progresses, a rewiring of the individual’s energy field occurs, and a new order is created within the field, producing a stronger structure to receive energy from the Unlimited Source (the Cosmic Lattice). After the connections have been made, we often see a dramatic increase in the co-creating process of life. The determining factor is soul’s growth. The process of balancing the electromagnetic field can lead to spontaneous release, even without insight, in a single heartbeat. With this strong foundation, we raise our own vibrational level, which in turn raises the Earth’s vibrational level. This is how we can personally achieve what many think of as Ascension.

Each EMF session calibrates and strengthens the entire UCL which stretches, releases and reorganizes itself into the next highest pattern of balance, thus opening as many circuits as possible to the Cosmic Lattice and larger aspects of Self. The calibration process occurs for everyone, whether or not one is conscious of it. The EMF Phases is the perfect meeting place of spirit and biology. Becoming aware of our personal UCL (Universal Calibration Lattice) is an evolutionary leap of consciousness, as we work with the mechanics of how emotional charge can be neutralized, how our dreams and projects can be planted and activated as seeds of light in the UCL. In Phase II we clear the energetic charges of past pain & trauma that we carry in our fibres without a need to go into them or for catharsis to happen.  As one moves from one Phase to the next, we trigger a peace and love filled evolutionary journey of aligning our light body with universal truth.

The beauty of the EMF Balancing Technique is enabling us to live from our core energy. The core of our being holds unlimited potential. The stronger the flow of energy within the core, the greater the access to the wisdom/knowledge within. Living from the core is holding greater electrical charge . 
There are thirteen phases in the complete system of the EMF Balancing Technique, each phase containing a session with a distinct form and focus. In the first four phases, the practitioner completes a unique series of graceful tai chi like movements while the client lies fully clothed on a massage table. Most of the movements involve the passing of the practitioner's hands through the portions of the Universal Calibration Lattice of the client that completely surround the body to a distance of 2 feet all around. During some parts of the session the practitioner will gently place their hands on the body to facilitate the flow of energy. 

The focus of Phases V-VIII is the Practice of Mastery in everyday life. These phases strengthen the energetic patterns of mastery and lead to a fuller expression of the attributes of mastery you already carry within you.

In Phases IX-XII, one gains a deeper understanding of one's Core Energy as the ultimate expression of oneself, your “Infinite I”.

Each session results in a strengthening of the UCL, allowing it to permanently carry a greater electrical charge. While the procedure for each session is the same for every client, the calibration (or strengthening) is unique to each person receiving the session. The calibration is determined by their inner wisdom, an expression of their personal electromagnetic configuration.
There are many reasons people come for an EMF Balancing Technique session, from a desire to relax, a desire to "heal", a desire to understand Self. Each session provides a powerful realignment within the energy anatomy which strengthens the Universal Calibration Lattice. This is an important factor to being in partnership with the unified energy field or the Cosmos. It is a Balancing Technique, and healing may happen as a result of it. 
A major focus of the EMF Balancing work is the posture of balance in everyday life. This golden posture of balance is challenged repeatedly as we, our Earth, and the Universe continue to calibrate to the new structures of energetic reality that are in development. As you hold this posture, and gain the higher vibrations associated with it, you will find that conditions that are out of balance may simply fall away. Then you have what many people call healing. As you hold your individual sacred balance, you also contribute great peace and stability to the collective whole. This balance, then, is a key to the expression of grace.
A unique tool to gain our Mastery, and as we do so, we enable others to gain their Mastery. We enable all of us to live our fullest potential, and create heaven on earth.

The Sessions
There is a beautiful progression of the sessions as one moves from Phase I to Phase XII

Phase I - Wisdom and Emotions
This session releases stress and establishes a new pattern of freedom and well-being. Experience the energetic balance between head and heart.

Phase II - Self Direction and Self Support
This session gracefully releases the energy restraints of what we call the past, and promotes awareness of Self direction and Self support.

Phase III - Radiate Core Energy
The radiating of core energy encourages the increased flow of spiritual intelligence into your daily life. Experience new understandings and insights into your soul's unique expression.

Phase IV - Energetic Accomplishment
In this balancing, a connection and communication with future Self is established through the Prism of Personal Potential, channeling future potential energy into the co-creation of present reality.

Phase V - Template of Infinite Love
The Phase V template encompasses an area that includes the Heart Center, High Heart Center, the throat, all the small energy vortices around the mouth, and the center on the tip of the nose.

Phase VI - Templates of Infinite Compassion
There are two separate templates in Phase VI, one for each hand. The area that each template encompasses includes the energy center in the middle of the hand and all the small energy vortices throughout the fingers.

Phase VII - Templates of Infinite Presence
There are two separate templates in Phase VII, one for each foot. The area that each template encompasses includes the major energy center on the top and bottom of the foot, and all the small energy vortices on the soles of the feet and around the toes.

Phase VIII - Template of Infinite Wisdom
The Phase VIII Template encompasses all the points of light contained within the brain, and all of the energy vortices associated with the Crown Center. The energy and color of all the templates in Phases V-VIII is platinum, signifying a catalytic element that contributes to the accelerated resonance of the Crown Center.

Freedom! In The Energy of Love
In Phases IX-XII, one further develops the ability to use the Third Lattice to manifest the energy of freedom within your being and your life. The dynamics of fission and fusion are used repeatedly to create a unique and powerful energy of evolution.

Phase IX
The Universal Human
You will focus on manifesting and managing your energy through the Third Lattice. What are you ready to achieve now?

Phase X
The Universal Parent
Fuse the energies of your Infinite I and become your own universal parent. This is a profound gift of wholeness/holiness for all generations.

Phase XI
The Universal Partner
Remember the guidance to “Love one another as you love yourselves.” The energy of pure union generated within your Core (Infinite I) and calibrated through your Lattice (Individual I) produces the consciousness of newly found self love.

Phase XII
The Emerging Evolutionary
The New Human living within the energetic transformation of the New Earth! With this profound new expression of self, you will know you have transformed, and you will be equipped with new tools to manage your evolution.

Here is what Sathyajith Divakaran, a Reiki Grandmaster has to say about the 12 Phases he received from me : 'EMF – So un-seemingly from the abbreviation, which gave me a sense of some technology and gadget imagery when I first heard of it, was a deeply profound silent journey into my existence on planes beyond the physical. Experiencing the benefaction of the center above and grounding of the center below, the various mastery cards that opened up so much, the silent energy of the facilitator as they worked on your meridians…. all in all truly transformational.

Much of what I have worded above may seem esoteric. Believe me they were to me too, until the experience itself.

I continue to connect to my core energy system regularly and especially when I feel the need to centre myself in the now

Amazing stuff !!!'